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 Kim Applebee

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Kim Applebee


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PostSubject: Kim Applebee   Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:28 am

B: (5:30am) My Morning Shake

(6:30am) Worked Out
(7:10am) Post-Workout: Drank 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder in a cup of water

S: (10:30am) 2 banana pancakes (2 beaten eggs combined with 1 mashed banana)
S: (10:45am) 1 Larabar
S: (10:50am) 1 Larabar

L: (12:00pm) Leftover Pork Barbacoa Salad from Cafe Rio + the chips and queso that we brought home that I didn't touch on Sunday

S: No Snack - stuft like a pig - couldn't eat another bite

D: (5:00pm) 1 piece of Hawaiian pizza + 1 piece of Smore pizza from Papa Murphy's

**Got right back on track the next day**

Accomplishment: Got the taxes done and sent!!

Tuesday 4/16/13

B: (7:00am) My Morning Shake

S: (10:00am) Cottage cheese mixed with 1 cut-up "cutie" orange

L: (12:45pm) Spinach and mushroom omelette with swiss cheese; 1 slice of whole wheat toast (went out to eat with my parents)

S: (3:45pm) Cucumber slices & sunflower seeds

D: (6:30pm) Salad (lettuce, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, carrots) - went out to eat with my parents at a pizza restuarant so I got the salad bar

Accomplishment: Got back on track right away (see yesterday's food that I ate)!

Wednesday 4/17/13

(6:00am) Worked Out

B: (7:00) My Morning Shake

S: (10:00am) 1 banana with 2T natural peanut butter

L: (12:10pm) 1 hard-boiled egg, 2T hummus, 3 Ak-Mak crackers, 1 small apple

S: (3:00pm) Baby carrots, sunflower seeds

D: (5:30pm) Pita Pizza (1 whole wheat pita bread topped with olive oil, pesto, mozzarella cheese, onions, mushrooms and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning)

Accomplishment: Got caught up on the laundry and got the downstairs cleaned for our daughter's birthday party this Friday

Thursday 4/18/13

B: (7:00am) My Morning Shake

(9:00am) Worked Out

S: (9:40am) 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in 3/4c Greek yogurt with 1 Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar crumbled over the top

L: (12:30pm) Baked tilapia, steamed brussel sprouts and 1 piece Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

S: (2:50pm) Sunflower seeds, 1 Larabar

D: (6:00pm) Southwest Salad (from McDonalds) - Our son wanted to go there after Karate testing for an ice cream and I was hungry for dinner so I got this salad with the chicken grilled

Accomplishment: Got the bills paid and balanced the register!!! Between paying ours and taking care of my parents (who live next door part of the year), it's a full day job.

Friday 4/19/13

B: (6:30am) My Morning Shake

S: (9:30am) Baby carrots and sunflower seeds

L: (12:30pm) Hummus, cucumber and 3 Ak-Mak crackers

S: (3:00pm) 1 small apple with 1 1/2T natural peanut butter

D: (5:30pm) Shrimp Ceasar Salad and about 10 chips with salsa and about 1T guacamole (ate out at a Mexican restaurant for our daughter's 4th birthday - at her request - she wanted to have them sing to her while she wore the sombrero Smile

Accomplishment: Did not even have 1 bite of my daughter's birthday cake. I was so busy serving everyone, etc... that it was easy to do. I would have had a small bite if I really wanted it but I didn't.

Saturday 4/20/13

B: (7:00am) My Morning Shake

S: (10:00am) Baby carrots and 10 small almonds

L: (12:30pm) Turkey breast; 1 Wasa cracker; 1 Larabar

S: (3:00pm) Hummus and sliced cucumber

D: (5:45pm) Baked tilapia topped with 1tsp pesto; sliced cucumbers; 1/2 sweet potato

Accomplishment: Finshed the details for my father-in-law's 80th birthday party tomorrow

Sunday 4/21/13

B: (6:10am) My Morning Shake

S: (8:30am) 1 scoop of protein powder in a glass of water

L: (11:45am) Salmon, avocado and 2 poached eggs on a puff pastry with dill sauce (ate out at a very nice restaurant for my father-in-law's 80th birthday). I didn't eat the large puff pastry top - just the smaller bottom piece. This meal was delicious!!!
(12:45pm) 1 very small piece of birthday cake with a cup of coffee

S: (3:30pm) Protein shake

D: (7:00pm) 2 hard boiled eggs (didn't pair this with a carb. - I meant to grab one but forgot and I was super tired)

Accomplishment: Did not have 1 pastry or mimosa at my father-in-laws birthday brunch (I knew I was going to have 1 small piece of cake and didn't want to overdo it)
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PostSubject: Re: Kim Applebee   Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:13 am

I love reading your food logs Smile
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Kim Applebee
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