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 Linda Haedge Week 8 food log

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Linda H

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PostSubject: Linda Haedge Week 8 food log   Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:53 am

Monday 3/11/13
B: eggs, bacon & biscuit
S: almonds & chocolate chips
L: chicken, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, potatoes & lettuce salad
D: half of hamburger & popcorn

Tuesday 3/12/13
B: none
S: none
L: greek yogurt, blueberries
S: none
D: chicken, green beans & juice made with kale, cucumber, carrot, apple & yellow squash
Snack: protein powder and orange smoothie

Wednesday 3/13/13
B: protein smoothie with berries
L: spinach, tuna & green juice
D: chicken, baked potato & green juice

Thursday 3/14/13
B: protein smoothie
L: tuna & egg on spinach
S: almonds, raisins & a couple of chocolate chips
D: chicken, green beans

Friday 3/15/13
B: eggs on whole wheat tortilla & protein smoothie
L: spinach, tuna, egg, turkey & leaf lettuce, greek yogurt & strawberries, watermelon
D: Sonic hamburger with mustard & 1/2 of the bread

Saturday 3/16/13
B: eggs & protein smoothie
L: chicken, whole wheat tortilla, spinach, apples & natural peanut butter
S: chocolate chip cookie
D: lean steak, baked potato, grilled squash

Sunday 3/17/13
B: eggs, turkey bacon, potatoes (camping out)
L: spinach, tuna, egg, greek yogurt with strawberries & pb2
S: frozen yogurt treat with the kids during spring break
D: Subway turkey sandwich with lots of veggies on wheat with no cheese & nothing but veggies and turkey and half of the bread
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Linda Haedge Week 8 food log
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