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 Kim Applebee

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Kim Applebee

Kim Applebee

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PostSubject: Kim Applebee   Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:32 am

Monday, 4/15/13: Body for Life Upper Body Workout
*Since my husband did this program about 12 years ago and wanted to try it again, I did it with him to be his accountability partner* Very Happy

Tuesday, 4/16/13: No workout today - had to get ready super early to pick my parents up. Spent the entire day with them.

Wednesday, 4/17/13:: Body for Life Lower Body Workout
*Again, just this week, I am being my husband's accountability partner and that is the program he is doing*

Thursday, 4/18/13: - Cardio (did 30 min on the treadmill - 15 of those minutes were intervals of sprinting and walking)

Friday, 4/19/13: - No Workout (spent the day with parents and 4 yr. old daughter for her birthday) - thought I'd be home sooner in the day than we were Sad

Saturday, 4/20/13: - No Workout (thought I'd get cardio in but didn't get to) Sad

Sunday, 4/21/13: - No Workout today either - (can't wait to get back on track next week now that daughter's b-day is over, father-in-law's b-day is over, one more family bday is over, parents finally arrived in town, and taxes are done!!!! This week really threw me off track bad.
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Kim Applebee
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