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 Adriana Barrios

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PostSubject: Adriana Barrios   Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:25 pm

Monday April 1

Tuesday April 2

B:1/2 cup greek yogurt with 1.5 cup mix berries. slice bread . 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds. coffe with almond milk.
S;plum. string cheese.
L.chicken soup with Mexican squash , carrots. 1 tortilla.
S.chocolate shake with 1 banana. dark chocolate chips. cinnamon. almond milk.
D.steak quesadilla. 3 oz steak. 1 bell pepper. mushroom. 1 oz mozzarella. sautéed with coconut oil.

Wednesday April 2

B:blueberries. protein powder. flax seed. slice bread
S:blueberries. cottage cheese
L:turkey burger. water. orange
S:cottage cheese with some rasberries
D:chicken, bell peper . zucchinis. rice.

Thursday April 3

B: cottage cheese. chia seeds. blueberries.walnuts.
S: walnuts . baby carrots.
L:turkey burger. water.
S:protein shake. with almond milk.

Friday April4 .

B.protein shake with blueberries . flaxseed. bee pollen. oatmeal
S.egg whites+1 egg. mushrooms with spinach. carrots and squash
S.almonds .. baby carrots
D.wendys sandwich .. chicken with honey mustard. spring lettuce. tomatoe. ate 1/2 of the bread.. I have a couple spoons of my son ice cream pale

Saturday April 5

B:string cheese, apple. brown rice.
S:blueberries .. almonds
l:brown rice pasta with chicken greekyogurt. veggies.
D:chicken quesadilla...

Sunday April
B:chicken quesadilla .. apple.
L:suouthwest salad with grilled chicken .. balsamic vinegar.
D:naked juice
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Adriana Barrios
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