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 Rebecca Dellar

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PostSubject: Rebecca Dellar   Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:36 pm

Sunday Feb 17

B: 2 boiled eggs and a banana
S: string cheese with almonds
L: turkey, half a potato small salad with clean dressing and carrots
S: apple and peanut butter
D: small steak, half sweet potato and green beans

Monday Feb 18

B: Go Lean cereal with milk and strawberries
S:banana and peanut butter
L: grilled chicken with sweet potato and carrots
S: almonds
D: grilled chicken with spinach and potato

Tuesday Feb 19

B: Greek yogurt with strawberries
S: string cheese almonds
L: grilled chicken with green beans and an orange
S: apple and peanut butter
D: turkey with green beans and potato

Wednesday Feb 20

B:go lean cereal milk and strawberries
S: apple with natural peanut butter
L:grilled chicken sweet potato and banana
D:clean shrimp scampi

Thursday Feb 21

B: boiled eggs (2) strawberries and toast
S: string cheese almonds
L: left over clean shrimp scampi
S:apple w peanut butter
D: turkey sweet potato and green beans

Friday Feb 22

B: Greek yogurt strawberries
S: banana w peanut butter
L:grilled chicken w carrots and apple
S:string cheese orange
D: steak and sweet potato

Saturday Feb 23

B: egg omelet w spinach and peppers
L:grilled chicken green beans and mash potatos
D: left overs from lunch
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PostSubject: Week Review   Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:59 pm

I need your weight for yesterday's weigh in. You also never sent me your weight for Sunday feb 17th. I sent you a FB message asking for the weight as well.

Sunday- Breakfast- Add a starchy carb to your meal

Monday- afternoon snack- you need to add a fresh fruit or veggie to your almonds

tuesday- breakfast- add a starchy carb to your breakfast

wed- afternoon snack- you need to add a lean protein to your apple

Friday- add a starchy carb to your breakfast
dinner- add a veggie to your dinner

saturday- add a starchy carb to your breakfast
snack- add a protein to your orange

afternoon snack. Don't skip your snack
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Rebecca Dellar
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