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 Jamie McDonnell

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PostSubject: Jamie McDonnell   Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:41 am

Monday 4/15/13:
B: Vanilla-Banana Protein Smoothie
S: oatmeal raisin walnut Cliff energy bar
L: natural pbj on whole wheat sandwich thin & carrots
S: greek yogurt w/cherries
D: quinoa stuffed pepper
Accomplishment: didn't micro-manage 18 yr old daughter this morning; loosening the reins a bit...SO HARD!!!

Tuesday 4/16/13:
B: coffee & homemade oatmeal raisin protein bar (was horrible) & a banana
S: greek yogurt w/cherries
L: quinoa stuffed pepper & canteloupe
S: carrots & string cheese
D: turkey taco salad w/salsa yogurt "dressing"
Accomplishment: didn't drink any wine while I was watching Real Housewives

Wednesday 4/17/13:
B: 2 egg white omlet with mushrooms/asparagus/mozz cheese & a banana
S: greek yogurt w/strawberries
L: turkey taco salad w/greek yogurt & salsa "dressing"
S: canteloupe
D: panko chicken, green beans
Accomplishment: forced myself to make the egg white breakfast when I was running late this morning instead of skipping breakfast altogether; didn't take as long as I thought it would & I ate it while driving to work

Thursday 4/18/13:
B: 2 egg white omlet with mushrooms & mozz, coffee
S: strawberry greek yogurt
L: veggie burger on whole wheat sandwich thin & canteloupe
S: sunflower seeds
D: quinoa chicken "fried rice" w/peas
Accomplishment: ate a healthy dinner at home instead of out...really really wanted to go out
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Jamie McDonnell
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