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 Workout Challenge

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PostSubject: Workout Challenge   Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:26 am

This is a Challenge Workout. Feel free to replace any of the Cardio + Sculpt workouts with this one during the week. This is HARD. HIGH Intensity! Challenge yourself and see how far you can get into the workout. I'd love to hear what you think The workout is Approx 52 min long


30 seconds Squats with a calf raise (with weights)
30 Seconds Jumping Jacks
30 Seconds Lateral Raises
30 Seconds High Knees
30 Seconds Bicep Curls
30 Seconds Jump Squats
30 Seconds Tricep kickbacks
4 times 16 min

High Knees for 30 Seconds
Burpees for 30 sec
Push Ups for 30 sec
Mountain Climbers for 30 sec
Bicycle Crunches for 30 sec
4 times 12 min

30 secondsAlternating Reverse Lunges- (with weights)
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds Shoulder Presses
30 seconds jump squats
30 seconds Deadlifts
30 seconds jump rope
30 seconds Plie Squats
30 seconds Reverse Flies
4 times 16 min

Jump Squats for 30 sec
Burpees for 30 sec
Plank Jacks for 30 sec
Plank for 30 sec
4 times 8 min

52 min workout
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Workout Challenge
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