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 Week 13 Intermediate/Advanced Workout Schedule

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PostSubject: Week 13 Intermediate/Advanced Workout Schedule   Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:04 am

Monday April 15th- Cardio + Sculpt Workout
jog in place for 3 min
jumping jacks for 2 min
squats for 1 min
jump squats for 30 sec
Repeat squats and jump squats 3 times
push ups- 30 seconds
mountain climbers- 1 min
plank 1 min
repeat all 3 times
reverse lunges- 15 on each leg holding weights
shoulder press-  15 
bicep curls-  15 (both arms together, NOT alternating)
100 jumping jacks
repeat alll 3 times
dips- use a chair or step -  10
plie squat- turn toes out, squat deeply- wide stance with legs- 15
repeat all 4 times
crunches 30, bicycle crunches 30- repeat 4 times
stretch all major muscle groups

Tuesday April 16th-Cardio Workout

Intense Cardio Workout!
It may be short but not lacking intensity.  I want you to give full out effort during the 20 sec- as hard as you can go, holding nothing back and resting for no more than 10 sec before you go to the next round.  You can download Tabata Pro for your phones that is set for tabata timing and will tell you when to start and stop
TABATA:  each exercises is done for 20 sec, rest for 10 seconds and the repeat 8 rounds, rest for 2 minutes 
1. High Knees- get those knees up to the front as high as you can
2.  Jump Rope- if you do not have a jump rope, use your imaginary one Wink
3.  Mountain Climbers
4.  Bicycle Crunches
This workout is only 16 minutes long but it is very high intensity.  Make sure you are giving max effort the whole time.

Wed April 17th- You want tight toned curves? Well we gotta work for it ladies. Pick up those heavy weights and lets get to work. This is a total body toning workout. No Cardio. Put on some good music & Pump it out ladies!
Squat 15
Lat Row each Arm 15
Plie Squat Feet wide toes turned out 15
Bicycle Crunch 15
Repeat 3 times
Narrow Tricep Pushups- Hands Close together 15 reps
Overhead Tricep Extension 15
Reverse Alternating lunges 30 total ( 15 each leg)
lateral raises 15
Dead lift 15
Crunch 15
Repeat 3 times
Wide Push Ups- Hands wide 15 reps
Stationary Lunge 15 on each leg
Chest Fly
Standing Calf Raises 15 reps
Reverse Crunches legs up in air 15 reps
Repeat 3 times
Regular Push Ups 15 reps
Upright Row 15
Bench Press 15
Skull Crusher 15
Alternating Bicep Curls 15
Repeat 3 times

Thursday April 18th-

20 Jumping Jacks
20 High Knees
50 Mountain Climbers
10 Burpees
30 Bicycle Crunches
20 Mountain Climbers
20 High Knees
20 Jumping Jacks
Rest for 1 min
Repeat 3 times

Plank for 1 min
Side Planks for 30 sec each side
Reptile Plank- 1 min
Back extension- 30 sec
Repeat 4 times

Friday April 19th-

Deadlifts 30 seconds
Bicep Curls 30 seconds
Dead lifts 30 seconds
Bicep Curls 30 seconds

Your Combo : 1 Deadlift + 2 bicep curls 30 seconds

Mini Cardio Burst :

Mountain Climbers 15 Seconds Remember that you can modify by slowly tapping your legs in
Plank Jacks 15 seconds : To modify Slowly tap the legs out to the side
Repeat 4 Times

Double Lat Row 30 Seconds
Right Row + Left Row+ Both Rows Together 30 Seconds

Mini Cardio Burst:
Jump Squats 15 Seconds - To modify just Squat you don't have to jump
Plyo Plie Squats 15 Seconds- To modify just pulse you don't have to jump
Windmills- 15 seconds - To modify Tap legs right and left
Repeat 4 times

Squat 30 Seconds
Shoulder Press 30 Seconds
Squat 30 Seconds
Shoulder Press 30 Seconds
Pause if you need to and catch your breath. Then do your combo

Squat+ Shoulder Press 30 Seconds

Get down on the ground

Chest Press 30 Seconds
Put one weight on your hips and do glute lifts 30 seconds. Make sure you sqeeze at the top.
Take the one weight and do Skull crushers 30 seconds.
Glute lifts 30 seconds

Combo Skull Crusher+ Chest press 30 Seconds

Mini Cardio Burst:

High Knees 15 seconds To modify Walk in place and bring knees up towards chest
Front Kicks 15 seconds
Repeat 4 Times

Saturday April 20th


15 min. as many rounds as possible

30 High Knees
30 Speed Skaters
50 turns on the jump rope -use your imaginary one if you do not have one Wink
40 jumping jacks
30 high knees
50 bicycle crunches
40 mountain climbers
20 burpees without a push up- AKA Thrust jumps

Sunday April 21st- Rest Day
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Week 13 Intermediate/Advanced Workout Schedule
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