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Patti L

Patti L

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PostSubject: Patti LeMaster   Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:30 pm

Monday, March 25
1 Mile Walk Diet Leslie Sansone DVD - about 20 minutes
Today's Bombshell:
Like a Star @ heaven Modified Mountain Climbers
Like a Star @ heaven Girl Push-ups
Like a Star @ heaven Modified Bicycle Crunches
Like a Star @ heaven Bicycle Crunches (last set) intermingled among Chest press & Chest flies
Like a Star @ heaven BEGINNER Burpees (included the jump) Although beginner burpee - feeling it in my shoulders!
Like a Star @ heaven Lunges intermingled in Shoulder Press Circuit

Tuesday, March 26
On my feet and working ALL day - 127 cupcakes (4 flavors), 15 Decorated Cookie Pops

Wednesday, March 27
None, again - - mom's retirement party, visiting with out-of-state relatives, started cleaning kitchen from explosion from yesterday's baking extravaganza

Thursday, March 28
Leslie Sansone's Muscle Mile One - little over 17 minutes
Today's Bombshell Workout
Like a Star @ heaven Circuit One - 2 reps
Like a Star @ heaven Remaining Circuits - 1 rep only - time restriction

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Patti LeMaster
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