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 Sandra Ramos

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PostSubject: Sandra Ramos   Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:35 am

Sunday March 10

B: 2 ww toast, 1 banana, 1c milk
S:string cheese, apple
L: Salmon burger w lettuce on ww sandwich thins, 16oz water
S: 1/4c sunflower seeds, string cheese
D: ww cereal, 1 banana, 1c milk

Monday March 11

B: 1 banana, 16oz water, 6oz water w.emergen c vitamin c (super sick!!!) :/
S: 10 almonds, 6oz water
L: 16oz water, 6oz emergen-c vitamin c, half a potatoe, w turkey bacon, apple
S: slept thru it I am really sick :/
D: 4oz chicken, brocolli & cauliflower, 16oz water
(took cold medicine too)

Tuesday March 12

B: ww cereal, 1 banana, 1c 2% milk
S: 1/4c sunflower seeds, 1 apple
L: 2oz turkey breast on multigrain bread, lettuce, apple, 16oz water
S: string cheese, 1/2 kiwi
D: salmon burger, lettuce, 16oz water with crystal light, 6oz emergen-c vitamin c

Wednesday March 13

B: 2ww toast with natural peanut butter, 1 banana, 1c of 2% milk
S: none (meeting)
L: 1 ww quesadilla with chicken, apple, 16oz water with crystal light
S: apple, string cheese
D: 4oz grilled chicken, ww 1/2c rice, 16oz water, vitamin c-emergen-c drink

Thursday March 14

B: 1c nonfat yogurt, frozen berries, 8oz water
S: apple, 1 ww toast
L: 2oz turkey breast, slice of avocado, apple, 16oz water with crystal light
S: 6oz vitamin c(emergen-c), orange, string cheese
D: I feel asleep and didn't get up til the next day..slept right thru this

Friday March 15

B: 1 ww toast with peanut butter, 1/2c milk, apple
S: sting cheese, apple
L: Potato feed at work...(1/4 potato, string cheese, apple, 16oz water)
S: none (meeting)
D: 10 ww crackers, part skim cheese, apple, 16oz water (so sick not wanting to eat so I had to get something in my stomach)

Saturday March 16

B: WW cereal, 1 c milk, apple
S: string cheese, banana
L: 4oz chicken on ww bread, apple, 16oz water with crystal light
S: 10 almonds, string cheese
D: clean pizza, 16oz water, 1/2 kiwi
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Sandra Ramos
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