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 Ingrid Rowley

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PostSubject: Ingrid Rowley   Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:31 am

Monday March 4
B- baked egg with spinach, onions bell pepper, parm cheese on slice Ezekiel bread
S- lowfat cottage cheese, strawberries
L- turkey meatloaf muffins, cucumbers, tomato
S-cinnamon protein bread
D- salad, whole wheat spaghetti

Tuesday March 5
B- berry protein smoothie
S- apples, string cheese
L- salad, whole wheat spaghetti
S- none. I know
D- chicken taco salad without shell, guacamole, salsa

Wednesday March 6
B- 2 baked eggs
S- lowfat cottage cheese, blueberries
L- tuna fish with mustard, celery, tomato, mixed greens
S- string cheese, orange
D- stuffed peppers made with ground turkey, spinach. So yummy . Side of brown rice

Thursday March 7
B- strawberry protein smoothie with flaxseed
S- lowfat cottage cheese with blueberries and squeeze of honey
L- whole wheat spaghetti, salad
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Ingrid Rowley
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