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 Tara Kieninger

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Tara Kieninger


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PostSubject: Tara Kieninger   Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:07 pm

Monday, March 4th
breakfast - banana & natural PB on WW eng muffin, 2 egg whites & 1 egg scramble with mozzarella
snack - apple with nat PB
lunch - homemade vegetable beef soup (few white potato chunks)
snack - gardettos "chips"
dinner - sausage, mozzarella, & mushroom flat out pizza
snack - none
workout - 18 minute walk

Tuesday, March 5th

breakfast - WW eng muffin with nat PB, eggs with mozarella
snack - 3 cookies Crying or Very sad
lunch - mozarella, tomato sauce, & WW flatout bread pizza
snack - cottage cheese, orange
dinner - homemade meatloaf with panko, green beans
snack - none
workout - none

Wednesday, March 6th
breakfast - WW eng muffin with nat PB, 2 HB eggs
snack - cottage cheese, 2 eggs, bacon (I was very hungry this morning)
lunch - homemade meatloaf with panko, green beans, carrot sticks
snack - orange, sunflower seeds, soda (needed caffeine to get rid of a killer headache)
dinner - hotdog on bun, plain popcorn (stuck at a regional volleyball game without a cooler)
snack - none
workout - none
**Period started 1 week I know why I've had an awful headache the past few days and have been ravenously hungry.

Thursday, March 7th
breakfast - WW eng muffin with nat PB, broccoli
snack - 2 HB eggs
lunch - fried fish sandwich, french fries, pepsi, ice cream (feeling lousy with a bad headache and cramps and wanted some "comfort" food....didn't even taste all that great)
snack - still too full
dinner - hotdog on bun, plain popcorn (at the final regional volleyball game)
snack - none
workout - none

Friday, March 8th
breakfast - WW eng muffin with nat PB, egg & cheddar omelet
snack - sunflower seeds & orange
lunch - hamburger on white bun, sweet potato fries, pepsi (lunch out with my husband, had t take our cat to the vet because he ate lead wire...thankfully he will pass it just fine)
snack - none
dinner - asian chicken with broccoli & white rice
snack -

Saturday, March 9th
breakfast - WW eng muffin with nat PB, banana
brunch - egg & cheddar casserole, fruit, cinnamon roll, ham (birthday brunch at my cousin's house)
snack - cheese stick, banana
dinner - cheese flat out pizza, mix of strawberries, banana, oranges
snack -

Sunday, March 10th
Brunch - scrambled eggs, hash brown casserole
lunch - shrimp, sweet potato, & carrots
snack - cheese stick
dinner - homemade pork/beef meatballs in tomato sauce, onions, broccoli
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PostSubject: Re: Tara Kieninger   Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:10 am

I am very proud of the clean choices you made this week. You are getting stronger each week!

Is your cat ok??
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Tara Kieninger
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