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 Emily Dempsey

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PostSubject: Emily Dempsey   Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:29 pm


B. Strawberry protein shake; Ezekiel toast
AM. String cheese; orange juice (fresh squeezed)
L. 1 sauteed chicken breast; 1 C. rice (reheated)
PM. Protein bar
D. Grilled chicken salad; fruit cup
LN. "Tropical Thunder" protein shake from Tosca Reno after workout


B. Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with almond milk
AM. None
L. Roast beef sandwich; small curly fry from Arby's (oops :/)
PM. None
D. Clean pizza; baked chips


B. 2 whole wheat pancakes; sugar-free syrup; real butter
AM. Yogurt with frozen berries and granola
L. southwest chicken salad: grilled chicken, romaine, corn, black beans, green peppers, pablano pepper, southwest vinagrette (Newman's)
PM. 2 lemon protein bars
D. Cheese stuffed chicken from Oxygen Magazine. Made the whole meal ( )
LN. Protein shake after workout


B. Kashi heart to heart cinnamon cereal; 1 cup skim milk
AM. Banana nut bread larabar
L. Turkey sandwich on wheat with mayo and Dijon, lettuce, FF cheese; 1c. Potato soup, baked lays (18 chips)
PM. Other half of turkey sandwich (lunch got cut short, had a walk-in client)
D. Turkey hot dog, wheat bun, baked fries, 1/2 c. Annie's Mac n cheese
LN. Protein shake after workout


B. Kashi granola and fruit bar
AM. 1 reese egg
L. sirloin steak, grilled shrimp, steamed vegetables, mashed red potatoes
PM. Fiber One brownie
D. Clean pizza


B. None, slept until 11
AM. None, slept until 11
L. Panko breaded baked fish; baked potato with real butter and sour cream
PM. 1 white cake cupcake (bridesmaid present)
D. walnut crusted salmon from oxygen magazine; steamed broccoli (only ate about 1/3 the plate, started getting sick! Sad )


I was really sick today, I have bronchitis and have been running a fever. Haven't eaten much today, just a lot of sleeping.

B. None.
AM. None.
L. None.
PM. None.
D. Chicken Noodle soup
LN. large vanilla milkshake (sorry my throat is raw and Josh was trying to be sweet and brought me one home. He's adorable)
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PostSubject: Re: Emily Dempsey   Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:01 am

Your food log looks great .. I love Reese's eggs too! Lol I ate one on Saturday. Hope your feeling better!
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Emily Dempsey
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