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 Ingrid Rowley

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PostSubject: Ingrid Rowley   Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:02 am

B- pumpkin smoothie
S- cashews
L- turkey hot dog on piece of whole wheat bread with turkey chili on top with onions, side of grapes
S- Sargento string cheese, cashews, one fourth apple
D- went out to eat- Sirloin steak with grilled chilies on top, guacamole, two bites of enchilada, two bites of refried beans, side salad
optional pm snack- oatmeal mixed with natural almond butter and honey- one spoonful

B- pumpkin smoothie
S-lowfat cottage cheese with blueberries
L- turkey chili with onions, apple
S- small ezekiel tortilla with one slice melted cheddar cheese
D- grilled chicken with mushrooms and onions, brown rice, roasted brussel sprout

B- EAS chocolate protein shake
S- pumpkin protein bar
L- grilled chicken, brown rice
S- small Ezekiel tortilla with slice cheese
D- salad with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, grilled chicken

B- poached egg with half Ezekiel English muffin
S-lowfat cottage cheese tsp honey sliced strawberries
L- turkey chili, tomatoes, cucumbers
S- small Ezekiel tortilla with slice if cheese and salsa
D- lean hamburger wih no bun, lettuce , tomatoes, grilled onions, few sweet potato fries

B- EAS strawberry protein shake
S- pumpkin spice protein bar 2
L- lean hamburger patty, lettuce tomatoes, onions
D- clean pizza
S 100 calorie bag of popcorn

B- berry protein shake
S none working
L- whole wheat bread two slices spread with hummus, mixed greens and two sliced
Hard boiled eggs, 4 strawberries
S- string cheese
D- turkey meatloaf muffins, 4 bites mashed potatoes not clean , lettuce
S- handful of cashews
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PostSubject: Week Review   Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:26 pm

Monday- Add a complex carb from either fruits or veggies to your cashew nuts.
Late night snack. You don't want to eat oatmeal so close to bed. Your late night snack needs to be protein and veggies only

Make sure your hotdogs are clean and contain zero added nitrates

Wed- EAS Protein Shakes are not clean. It is best that you make your own protein shakes. My meal plans provide several recipes
Lunch- Add veggies to your meal

Thursday- Again, EAS shakes are not clean
100 calorie popcorn is not clean

Friday- Don't Skip meals. You need to take a snack with you.

Saturday- You did not log

Sunday- You did not log
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Ingrid Rowley
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