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 Sandra Ramos

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PostSubject: Sandra Ramos   Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:42 pm

Monday February 11

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 apple, 16oz water
AM snack-1 string cheese, 10 almonds
Lunch: 4oz tuna on multigrain sandwich thins, 1/2 kiwi, 16oz water
PM Snack-1/4c. sunflower seeds, 1 banana
Dinner-4oz Tilapia fish, 1 orange, 16oz water
Late snack-none

Tuesday February 12

Breakfast-1 apple, 16oz water
AM Snack-10 almonds
Lunch-2oz sliced turkey breast on multigrain sandwich thins, 16oz water, 1 apple
PM-Snack-WW cereal, 1% milk, pinch of sugar(I know :/)
Dinner-Tuscan soup (1cup), French Bread
Late snack-None

Wednesday Feb. 13

Breakfast-16oz water (running late)
AM Snack-1 Orange, string cheese
Lunch-4oz grilled chicken WW bread, 1 apple, 16oz water with crystal light, 1 mini chocolate (Valentine's week :/)
PM Snack- none
Dinner- WW Chicken Quesadillas, 16oz water, 1/2 apple
Late snack-none

Thursday Feb 14

Breakfast-16oz water, 1 banana, 10 almonds
AM Snack-1 Orange, string cheese
Lunch-WW turkey sandwich, 1 apple, 16oz water
PM Snack-1 special K bar
Dinner-Take out Pizza :/
Late snack-none

Friday Feb 15

Breakfast-1 cup plain nonfat yogurt mixed with 1/2c of frozen berries, 16oz water
AM Snack- none
Lunch-Turkey Burger, lettuce, ranch, mayo, 1 orange, 8oz water
PM Snack- 10 almonds
Dinner-Pozole (Couldn't resist! Mom made it) 16oz water, thin slice of cake (mom made too)
Late snack-none

Saturday Feb 16

Breakfast-WW cereal, 1% milk
AM Snack-10 almonds
Lunch-1 orange, 16oz water, 1/2 turkey sandwich on WW break
PM Snack-1 banana
Dinner- WW cereal 1% milk, 1 apple (long day!)
Late Snack-none

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Sandra Ramos
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