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 Michelle McTier

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PostSubject: Michelle McTier   Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:56 pm

Sunday 2/10/13
B:Almond milk 8oz
S:Eggs (3)

Monday 2/11/13
B:Whole wheat english raisen muffin with 1tsp nat Pb
S:Whole wheat crackers and cheese
L:1c salad with grilled chicken and bowl of mix fruit
D:Eggs, whole wheat english muffin and ham

Tuesday 2/12/13
S:Slept thru
L:Whole wheat english muffin with organic clean strawberry perserves
S:Greek yogurt, strawberries, oats and a banana
D:Grilled chicken, sweet potato and corn

Wednesday 2/13/13
B:Whole wheat rasien English muffin with 1tsp NPB, banana amd glass of Lf milk
S:Pita and salsa with 8oz pure almond chocolate milk
L:Grilled chicken, greek yogurt with blueberries and granola
D:NOT clean Sad pizza 2 pieces and 2 breadsticks and 2 tbsp pasta. Bad day but shouldn't be an excuss. Tomorrow is a new day!

Thursday 2/14/13
B:2 Slices of pizza not clean
S:Homemade protein bar
L:1Slice of pizza (about hour after thay is when the pains and bathroom trips started)
S:I sampled my clean goodies I made. Clean brownie, granola and peanut butter cookie
D:Fried pork chop in (coconut oil) brussel sprouts, broccoli and sweet potato

Friday 2/15/13
B:Whole wheat raisin english muffin with 1tbsp npb and 1c 1% lf milk
S:2spear sea salt pickles, cheese, pita chips and salsa
D:Red Robin Chicken tenders and fries with 4 budlights

Saturday 2/16/13
L:Cheesecake Factory, I ordered off Skinnylicious menu. Mini crab bites and spicy chicken pasta
D:Crock pot beef and salad
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Michelle McTier
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