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 Lindsey Springfield

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PostSubject: Lindsey Springfield   Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:05 am

Monday 2/11/13
B: 1/3 C raw oats, 1 C lf yogurt, 1/2 C fresh berries, truvia (low sugars: fruit snack & orange)
S: 1 serving ( 2 bars) chocolate protein bars
L: salad with romaine, 2 oz lean turkey, vinegar (no oil) carrots, broccoli, cucumber, 8 almond rice crackers (eww, they taste salty!) apple, granola, small box raisins
S: string cheese, homemade larabar, larabar, sunflower seeds
D: 4 oz chicken, 1/2 C pasta, 1 C spaghetti squash,
Log sugars: 1 orange, 1 zekiel with almond butter
* I was starving today!

Tuesday 2/12/13
B: 1 ezekile with 1 tbs almond butter, 1 c steel oats apple cinnamon
low sugars - fruit snack
S: 1/2 C granola, 1/2 C berries, 1 C yogurt with truvia 8 almonds, 14 walnuts, larabar (yes I ate too much!)
L: 1 Ezekiel tortilla, ,1/2 C cottage cheese, mustard, dill, string cheese, orange
S:1/4 C sunflower seeds, ,small box raisins, granola, apple, sugars low: banana, had to go to gas station to buy starburst (didn't have anything with me)
got home from work: starving - 3 pieces of Ezekiel with almond butter (this is my horrible guilty pleasure - I need help!)
D:2 oz chopped sirloin steak, 1/2 C quinoa, 1 C carrots steamed, 1/4 C baked asparagus, 20 walnuts

Wednesday 2/13/13
B: 3 scrambled egg whites with 1/2 whole egg, Ezekiel with almond butter
S: 1 C yogurt, 1/2 C froxen fruit, 1/2 C granola with truvia
L: 1 hard boiled egg white, 1 C stramed carrpts, 1 oz chicken, 1/4 C cottage cheese, 1 C blackberries/strawberries fresh, 1/2 C steamed carrots,
S:2 blueberry homemade bread bars (1 serving), 1 homemade larabar, 1 larabar, 1 hard boiled egg white
low sugars: fruit snack
D:4 oz grilled chicken, 1 C steamed carrots (I knew I ate too much bread a bit ago!)

** sorry i'm behind! Our bedroom flooded and so we have been tearing out flooring, searching for new flooring and installing new flooring, base, painting, cleaning, trying to put our room back together.. its been a crazy week!

Thursday 2/14/13
B: 1 bread with almond butter, 3 egg white, 1/2 egg with yolk
S: 1/2 C granola, 3/4" C yogurt, 1/2 C frozen fruit, 2/3 of turkey muffing
L:bread & 1 tbs almond butter, 1 C carrots, 3 oz chicken
S: 1 1/2 turkey muffin, 20 walnuts
D:2 slices clean pizza with ground turkey & carrots

Friday 2/15/13
B: 2 bread with almond butter, 2 c kasha cereal with alm milk
S: serving choc protein bars
L:1 c kasha cereal with almond milk, 2 turkey muffins, 1 c carrots
S: bread with almond butter, larabar
D: 13 walnuts, salad, 3 oz ground turkey, 1 hb egg white

Saturday 2/16/13
B: 1 C kasha with almond milk, apple
S: 2 turkey muffins with 1 C sweet potatoe, 1 cutie
L:larabar, chocolate protein shake with tbs peanut butter, water, 1 C cooked carrots
D: 1 hb egg white, 2 bread with almond butter, 2 turkey muffins, with mustard, 1 cutie,
snack (was up till 3:30 in the Sunday working on flooring) serving choc protein bars, 20 walnuts

Sunday 2/10/13
B: 1/4 Kashi go lean cereal with almond milk, larabar, 2 toast with peanut butter
S: 1 serving blueberry banana bars, 2 turkey muffins (Jamie eatons), 1 apple
L: apple, chicken quesadilla, 2 bread with almond butter
D:5 oz sirloin steak, 1 small sweet potatoe, 1 small salad with vinegar oil
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Lindsey Springfield
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