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 Debbie Kelly

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PostSubject: Debbie Kelly   Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:25 am

Sunday 2/10/13
Breakfast Meal 1 - 2 eggs, bacon, potatoes ,coffee
AM Snack Meal 2
Lunch - tuna salad on ezekial bread, cashews, banana
Afternoon Snack
Dinner - veggie quesadilla, 3 oz cheese
Optional Late Night Snack

Monday 2/11/13
B: whole wheat english muffin with 1 egg, 2 slices canadian bacon, banana
L: chicken, 2 string cheese, 1/2 cup blueberries
D: chicken, green beans, salad with carrots, tomatoes and olive and vinegar

Tuesday 2/12/13
B: oatmeal with scoop of peanut butter and banana
L: turkey and avacado sandwich on whole wheat bread, chicken and rice soup
S: corn tortilla chips and pico de gallo
D: pot roast with peas, carrots and onions. 2 clementines

Wednesday 2/13/13
B: 2 Scrambled eggs, 1 slice ezekial bread, 1 cup raspberries and blueberries
S:whole wheat crackers and banana
S: 3 clementines, cashews
D: filet mignon, 4 jumbo shrip, root vegetables

Thursday 2/14/13
B: oatmeal with scoop of peanut butter, banaba
S: apple and 2 cheese sticks
L: chicken sandwich on a white bun, fries and sprite
S: carrots and hummus
D: salad with chicken, red onions, tomatoes, walnuts and goat cheese with balsamic vinegarette. chicken and rice soup

Friday 2/15/13
B: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 slice ezekial bread, banana
L: beef stew with carrots and peas
S: mcdonalds mcchicken sandwich, medium fries and shamrock shake
D: pizza and sangria

Saturday 2/16/13
B: slept in. breakfast was at lunch time
L: avacado and scrambled eggs in a wrap with salsa. fruit and low-fat cottage cheese
D: cup of homemade split pea soup.
S: triscuits and cheese.
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Debbie Kelly
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